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Burnaid Gel Spray 50ml

This spray contains a hydrogel and is a perfect ‘no-touch’ solution for the family. This product is well suited for the first aid treatment of minor burns, scalds and sunburn.
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Burnaid Gel Spray 50ml
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How To Treat Burns

First aid management for minor burns with Burnaid® gel: 

Burns need fast, effective treatment. There are many misconceptions about correct first aid treatment. The good news is, it’s easy. Here’s our simple 3-step guide to first aid for burns.

Stop the burning process


1. Stop the burning process

  • Consider your own safety first and stop the source of the burn.
  • If you are on fire: Stop. Drop and roll along the ground to smother the fire.
  • If it’s an electrical burn: If possible, turn off the power using something dry and non-conductive like a wooden broom handle.
  • If it’s a chemical burn: Remove the burning agent and irrigate with water.
Run under water


2. Run cold water

  • Place burn under running cold water for 20 minutes. Yes 20 minutes. Not 2 minutes, not 5 minutes, but the full 20 minutes. It does feels like a long time but will make a difference to the recovery and treatment of your burn.
  • Remove all jewellery, watches and clothing (if not stuck to the burn site) once cooling has commenced.
  • Do not use ice, butter, toothpaste, creams or ointments.  These can make things worse.
Cool with Burnaid


3. Cool with Burnaid®

  • Apply Burnaid® gel liberally to the affected area, including blisters if present. DO NOT RUB.
  • Repeat every half hour as necessary.
  • Cover with a clean dressing
  • Please seek medical assistance if: Clothing is stuck to the burn site or the burn is bigger than a 20c piece or has blisters.

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