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Childlife Immulox 59.2ml

Natures Perfectly Balanced Colostrum Based Natural Immune Building Formula
For Infants & Children

Colostrum is nature's finest food for the immune system. lmmulox provides a concentrated extract of the key immune factors found in Colostrum, with a unique spray delivery system for optimum absorption and effect. A new standard in boosting lmmune function and response.*
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Childlife Immulox 59.2ml
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In todays fast paced world, your kids' immune systems need all the help they can get. Every day, children are exposed to environmental and harmful substances that can overwhelm their immune systems

Immulox, with balancing PRPs (Proline-Rich Polypeptides), helps support childrens immune systems for proper function

Immulox nutrient profile maintains the proper balance of an underperforming or overactive immune system

Provides a concentrated extract of the key immune factors found in Colostrum

Immune Health Spray! Easy-to-use, great tasting spray delivery system for optimum absorption and benefit

Safe for infants and children of all ages - perfect before school or daycare and great for travel

Suggested Use

Spray directly in mouth and swallow.
For infants up to 1 yr: 2 sprays 2x daily
For children 1-3 yrs: 2 sprays 3x daily
For children 4-12 yrs: 3 sprays 3x daily

Immulox contains:

* Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRP), a component of Colostrum, and other immune factors promote a healthy and normal immune responses

* Growth Factors which stimulate normal cell growth and tissue repair, and are intimately involved in providing the template and software for childhood growth and development

* Cytokines to help regulate and balance the immune system

* Glycoproteins, a digestive factor, that help the immune and growth factors travel safely through the acidic digestive system.

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