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Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide 20vol (6% w/v) 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide is enjoying a comeback as an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine bleach, and is the main ingredient in many commercial laundry cleaners which advertise “oxygen cleaners”. It is useful for all sorts, from removing stains on clothing to bleaching hair.
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Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide 20vol (6% w/v) 100ml
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Uses & Tips

A laundry cleaner - Use to remove stains (10 vol) Do not use on woolen or nylon fabrics. Colour test a hidden piece of fabric before you start as Hydrogen Peroxide can fade fabric colour.

For blood stains on clothing - Dab on Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing off (10vol). (Note above laundry cleaner instructions.)

To keep white clothes, towels and sheets white - Add a cup of Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide to your wash. (10vol).

A bleaching agent - For hair and fabrics. (20vol).

A disinfectant for surfaces - For chopping boards and cleaning cloths. Disinfect toothbrushes by soaking in Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide.(10 vol)

China and marble stain remover - Dip a cotton bud or cloth (undiluted) in Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide (20 vol) and apply. Act quickly with marble stains as marble is porous and will soak up the stains. Repeated applications may be necessary to remove stain.

Removes stains from porcelain and enamel - apply a paste of Cream of Tartar and diluted Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide. If necessary add a few drops of household Ammonia to the paste. Apply paste to stain and leave for 2 hours, then rinse thoroughly.

Helps treats root rot (10 vol)

Use for cuts and grazes to kill germs - (Prolonged or continued use for first aid is not advised. If symptoms continue or worsen see your doctor.)

Use as directed

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