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Mi Baby - Mother & Baby Scale

Track your baby's growth, development and milestones
$109.50 NZD
Mi Baby - Mother & Baby Scale
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*Track baby’s growth and development on PC with the MiBaby app and height chart.
*Enter baby’s weight and height, and MiBaby will calculate the baby’s
*Body Mass Index. Height, weight and BMI graphs track against World Health Organisation percentile growth charts. Add dental records, milestones and upload photos, and view on a timeline.
*Software requires an internet connection for download. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Baby weight mode:
1. Parent steps on platform weight reading is taken, then scale zeros
2. Parent cradles baby then steps onto the platform. Baby’s weight only is displayed
3. This feature is also great for weighing pets, parcels and luggage.

Minimum of 0.05kg to Maximum of 150kg
Minimum of 0.1lb to Maximum of 23st9lb
Minimum of 0.1lb to Maximum of 330lb

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