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Mustela Essential Nursery Pack

Mustela Gift Sets offer a collection of essential and best-selling products
They make perfect gifts or a great way to purchase a range of products to care for your baby
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Mustela Essential Nursery Pack
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Dermo Cleanser-Soap-free cleansing gel for newborns used to gently cleanse the body and hair. Gently cleanses body and hair of newborns and babies while respecting the integrity of the scalp’s hydrolipidic film: Soap-free, neutral pH
PhysiObébé No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid- Gently and effectively cleanses delicate areas. Diaper area: dissolves dirt and water resistant diaper creams. Face: gently cleanses the most delicate skin with proven skin and eye safety, neutral pH/alcohol-free/ soap-free
Hydra Bebe Body Lotion- Moisturizing and softening body lotion. To moisturize the normal skin of newborns and babies
Vitamin Barrier Cream- To prevent early signs of diaper rash and help reduce irritation. Also protects and soothes diaper area
Hydra Bebe Face Cream- Light, moisturizing lotion. For daily moisturizing of the normal skin of newborn and babies face

Use as directed

The skincare experts for babies and mothers-to-be since 1950. Mustela offers a complete range of specially formulated skincare to best address the changes in the delicate skin of newborns, babies, children, mothers-to-be and new mothers.
Mustela is proud of its strong relationships with healthcare professionals to best provide safe and effective skincare for both you and your baby.

Today, Mustela features around 50 products strengthening its unique dermatological expertise more powerfully than ever before. Innovative, safe, effective and increasingly natural, Mustela’s products protect babies’ skin - as well as the skin of new mothers - now and for the future.

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