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Mustela Stelatopia Softening Emollient Cream

Restructures, nourishes, soothes and rebalances very dry, lipid-depleted skin, particularly eczema-prone skin.
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Mustela Stelatopia Softening Emollient Cream
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Restructures the skin with the Sunflower Oil Distillate (patented Active Lipid-Replenishing Process) which helps the skin enhance natural lipids deficient in eczema-prone skin.

Provides lipid-replenishment and nourishes with 3 key lipids constituent of the skin.

Quickly soothes the sensations of discomfort and helps skin regain suppleness and comfort.

Helps rebalance and purifies the skin.

Limits the need for additional topical treatment (corticosteroids) by up to 100%

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    Tested on eczema-prone skin under dermatological control and in pediatricians’ offices.

    Non-occlusive formula, formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction and without paraben. Fragrance-free.

    Rich texture applies and penetrates easily.

    Limits the need for additional topical treatment (corticosteroids) by up to 100%
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  • Trial test on 86 children under dermatological control and in pediatricians' office.

Directions for Use
Apply twice a daily to clean and dry skin paying special attention to particularly dry areas.

Massage in gently to help penetration of the cream.

Do not apply to oozing sores.

Key Ingredients
Sunflower oil distillate, Ceramides, Essential fatty acids, Cholesterol, Glycerine, Triglycerides, Sucrose esters.

The skincare experts for babies and mothers-to-be since 1950. Mustela offers a complete range of specially formulated skincare to best address the changes in the delicate skin of newborns, babies, children, mothers-to-be and new mothers.
Mustela is proud of its strong relationships with healthcare professionals to best provide safe and effective skincare for both you and your baby.

Today, Mustela features around 50 products strengthening its unique dermatological expertise more powerfully than ever before. Innovative, safe, effective and increasingly natural, Mustela’s products protect babies’ skin - as well as the skin of new mothers - now and for the future.

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