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Parasidose Extra Strength Shampoo 200ml

Parasidose Extra Strength Shampoo is for the treatment of headlice. It kills head and body lice and their eggs.
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Parasidose Extra Strength Shampoo 200ml
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Head lice are a real problem, whether you're looking for them or having to treat your family yet again. Finding a treatment that isn't harsh, that works and that stops them coming back is essential. Parasidose Shampoo kills head and body lice AND their eggs. Extra strength, double shampoo treatment for the whole family.

Follow instructions on the bottle, and after using Parasidose shampoo, check regularly for head lice and repeat the Parasidose shampoo treatment 7 to 10 days after the first treatment.

Contains D-phenothrine 0.2% w/v

Always read the label and use strictly as directed.
For external use only.

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