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Blackmores Vitamin B12 Tabs 75

Supporting healthy red blood cells
Vitamin B12 supports red blood cell formation and the conversion of food into energy. Vegetarians, pregnant women, people with coeliac disease and older people may all benefit from supplementation.
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Blackmores Vitamin B12 Tabs 75
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*Supports the formation of healthy red blood cells
*Supports the conversion of food into energy
*Supports the metabolism of folic acid (folate)
*Small, easy-to-swallow tablet

Vitamin B12 supports the healthy functioning of all cells of the body, and plays a critical role in energy metabolism. It is essential for red blood cell production and is also required for folic acid metabolism.
The only dietary sources of vitamin B12 are animal foods such as organ and muscle meats, so vegetarians and vegans may benefit from supplementation.
Others who may benefit from vitamin B12 supplementation include people with coeliac disease or other gastrointestinal disorders, pregnant women, and older people.

Adults - Take one tablet daily with main meal, or as professionally prescribed.
Children (under 12 years) - Only as professionally prescribed.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 50 mg

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