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Childlife Vitamin D3 29.6ml

Childlife Vitamin D3 Liquid Dropper is used for healthy bone development and to support a healthy immune system.
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Childlife Vitamin D3 29.6ml
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Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics doubled its recommendation for the amount of Vitamin D that all children should receive to 400 I.U. per day. These recommendations have resulted from new studies recognizing the many benefits of Vitamin D for supporting healthy bones and a healthy immune system.*

For healthy bone development and to support a healthy immune system, use ChildLife Vitamin D3 per the recommended dosages.

*Infants 6 months to 1 yr: 5 drops daily
*Children 1-12 yrs: 8 drops daily

Shake well before use.
Store in a cool dry place.
Give directly or mix with your child’s favorite drink.

ChildLife uses only the highest quality ingredients. Gluten free, casein free, alcohol free. Contains no milk, soy, eggs, yeast, wheat or corn. No artificial colorings, flavorings and sweeteners.

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