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Efamol Evening Primrose Oil 33 Soft Gels

Efamol Evening Primrose Oil from Nutricia is one of the most potent evening primrose oil supplements available, and is of proven and reliable quality. Possibly the world's finest EPO supplement May assist with pre-menstrual & skin health More info: Efamol.com website
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Efamol Evening Primrose Oil 33 Soft Gels
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Efamol Primrose Oil from Nutricia is the world's finest Evening Primrose Oil. It combines many years of plant breeding, a specific extraction process and scientific verification. Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil is specially formulated: To maintain hormonal balance via prostaglandin metabolism. To maintain health of skin, hair and nails, being not only an essential element of the skin structure, but also a precursor of prostaglandins, which have an important role to play in the maintenance of healthy skin. To maintain peripheral nerve health. Efamol use a gentle low heat extraction method that provides a clean oil rich in natural nutrients and anti-oxidants. Efamol Evening Primrose Oil is of proven and reliable quality.

Adult dosage: When using for the first time: Four softgels daily with food for an initial 12 weeks maintenance dose: one or two softgels daily, with food Children (6-12 years) use as directed by your healthcare professional.

Each Softgel Capsule Contains: Rigel Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) 1000mg (equiv. Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) 125mg) dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) 10mg Capsule: Gelatin, glycerine DOES NOT CONTAIN: corn, egg, gluten, milk derivatives, nuts, salt, soy, sugar, wheat, yeast, preservatives, flavouring or colours.

Within the recommended dosage range EPO is a safe supplement with very few adverse effects reported. Nausea, stomach pain and headache can occur if taken on an empty stomach and diarrhoea may occur at high dosages, indicating the need to reduce intake. EPO is contraindicated for anyone with epilepsy because GLA increases the body’s prostaglandin levels. Increased levels of prostaglandins lower the threshold for seizures. Anyone taking blood thinning drugs such as warfarin or aspirin should not take EPO, due to the anti-clotting action of prostaglandins. If you take any type of medical drug it’s important to consult your health practitioner about possible drug interactions before supplementing with EPO.

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