EG Waterproof Anti Mosquito Bracelet 2 piece

This EG Waterproof Mosquito Repellent Bracelet contains US EPA approved natural essential extract, it slowly releases fragrance effectively keep mosquito away up to 180 hours.
$7.99 NZD
EG Waterproof Anti Mosquito Bracelet 2 piece
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180 Hours Repellent: Effective for more than 180 hours with University test report. Compared with similar products, EG Anti Mosquito Bracelet can last 7 times longer
Low Average Cost: Cost per day is much lower than competing products. After usage, if bracelet is stored in sealed zipper bag or container, repellent efficiency will not be consumed
Non-Chemical Ingredient: Natural Essence, US EPA & CE EN71 approved, DEET Free, Non-Toxic and Safe to human and environment
Waterproof: Effectiveness will not be affected by sweating and waterproof material is ideal for water-related activities

Colours vary 

Use as directed.

Citronella Oil 30% w/w, Inert: LDPE 70%

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