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Habitrol 7mg/hr nicotine 7 patches

Habitrol Patches 7 - 7mg - Step 3
Habitrol patches are a very effective form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).
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Habitrol 7mg/hr nicotine 7 patches
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Habitrol patches help to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms by releasing a small, controlled amount of nicotine into the system.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can include craving for tobacco and the desire to smoke, irritability, moodiness, restlessness, tenseness, anxiety, a feeling of hunger, weight gain, difficulty concentrating and sleep disturbances.

Habitrol patches largely prevent these cravings, weight gain and other withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of Quitting
Most people recognize the risks of smoking, such as cancer, heart disease and emphysema, but many are not aware of the many immediate and long-term benefits of quitting.

Immediate benefits in the first days and months may include:

*Breathing may get easier
*Food tastes better
*Sense of smell improves
*Walking and exercise may become easier
*It’s never too late to quit. Whether you’re 34 or 84, your body can cleanse and start to repair damage caused by years of smoking.

Extended Information:
Habitrol:Habitrol Patches 7 - 7mg - Step 3

Each Habitrol patch lasts for 24 hours. When you apply a Habitrol patch to your skin, the nicotine passes through your skin and into your body, replacing the nicotine you would have got from smoking. As your body adjusts to the treatment, your dosage of nicotine is gradually reduced and finally stopped all together.

Apply one Habitrol patch daily. Remove and replace at the same time each day.

For people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, it is recommended that you start on 21mg patches - Step 1. For people who smoke less than 20 a day, it is recommended that you start on 14mg patches - Step 2.

Read full instructions enclosed for the 3 step programme.

Nicotine 7mg

Habitrol patches should be used for no more than three months.

Do not use Habitrol Patch If:

You are pregnant or intend to become pregnant
You are breast-feeding or intend to breast-feed
You have had a recent heart attack or stroke
You have heart disease such as palpitations (fast or irregular heart beats) or uncontrolled angina (chest pain)
You are a non-smoker
You are under 18 Years old.
If you are unsure which program is right for you please talk to a health professional before commencing any stop smoking programme.

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