Happy Ears Cone Ear Candles

Happy Ear Candles for Happy Ears!
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Happy Ears Cone Ear Candles
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Ear Candles have been used for centuries and is a painless, inexpensive and non-evasive way to remove ear wax, that is easy to use in the privacy of your home leaving your ears feeling refreshed and revitalised.

How to use:
PREPARE: you will need a glass/bowl of water, matches, tissues.

RELAX:  have the person lie on their side making sure they are comfortable.

REST: we suggest you stay lying down for 15 minutes after the treatment is complete.

1. Push the candle through the protective disc and light the wide end of the candle.
2. Place the small end into the ear and hold it in a vertical position. Do not force into ear.
3.When the flame reaches the flame-breaking ring, remove and extinguish in water.
4. Push the candle through the protective disc and light the wide end of the candle.

Ear Candle FAQ's
Q - Who are Ear Candles Recommended For?
Ear Candles are especially recommended after showers, swimming, altitude stays, air-flights, under-water diving, to clear the ear. Ear candling is recommended for adults, children and people using external hearing aids.
Q - Do Ear Candles hurt?
It is a painless, harmless and totally relaxing experience. If it weren’t for the crackling and hissing sounds, due to the burning of the waste deposits you would never know anything was happening to your ear.
Q - How much ear wax is healthy?
Ear wax repels water and prevents infection. Ear wax normally just dries up and leaves the ear but in some cases it accumulates. Keep the glass of water close by to put the candle out when finished.
Q - Why Is Propolis Added and How Does It Act Inside The Ear?
Propolis has been added to the blend of beeswax in the ear candle and its properties combine with the beneficial effects of the ear candle making them even more effective.
Once the candle is lit, propolis vapours delicately fill the ear canal. So, thanks to their new propolis enriched formula Happy Ear Candles are even more effective to keep your ears clean.

100% Beeswax

Precautions To Be Taken
For safety reasons it is recommended you do not use ear candles alone.
It is best done by a second person. This will also help you enjoy a relaxing experience.
Do not use ear candles if you suffer from acute or chronic diseases.
Please consult an appropriate therapist if you are at all unsure about an ear candling treatment.
Do not candle your ears if you have a perforated eardrum or tympanostomy tube implants. The same applies to all kinds of inflammations of the ear or skin diseases in or around the ear.
Very occasionally allergic reactions to the ingredients are reported. This may be in the form of spontaneous itchiness and can be relieved with suitable eardrops. The application of ear candles is at your own risk and responsibility. If you follow the instructions carefully the treatment will be simple.

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