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Home Essentials Castor Oil BP 100ml

Castor Oil has been in use for centuries for its many therapeutic, health and beauty benefits. Traditionally used by the Egyptians.
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Home Essentials Castor Oil BP 100ml
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Uses & Tips

Moisturiser - Support for dry skin, softens and relaxes.

Youthful skin - Castor Oil can support skin's youthful appearance. Dip a small cotton ball into pure Castor Oil and apply before going to bed. Avoid contact with eyes.

Skin healing - Dip a cotton ball in Castor Oil and apply to affected skin morning and night.

Leather cracking tonic - Rub in with soft cloth to help prevent cracking of leather. Use Home Essentials Petroleum Jelly on light coloured leather, wipe on with a soft cloth. Use once a year.

Waterproof leather work or tramping boots It may also help break in the leather to increase its tolerance. Not recommended for fashion leather shoes.

Use as directed

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