Lady-Comp Baby New Model

Lady-Comp calculates a woman’s daily menstrual cycle status by interpreting her basal body temperature. Lady-Comp displays your menstrual cycle status using colored display screens with symbols. Lady-Comp is to be used to facilitate conception and track your cycle. Lady-Comp is not a replacement for contraception, nor is it a medical thermometer.

The new Lady-Comp combines all the functions of its predecessors Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby in one device.

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Lady-Comp Baby New Model
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The new Lady-Comp is our pride and joy: With its unbeatable algorithm, which has been tested for over 30 years and is constantly being further developed, and thanks to its simple handling, you have everything you need for natural family planning combined in one device! The handy fertility tracker shows you at a glance whether you are currently fertile or not - and from the first day! Thanks to the sophisticated software, you also get comprehensive insight into your cycle history and a menstruation forecast for the next 6 months.

The new Lady-Comp combines all the functions of its predecessors Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby in one device. In addition to the functions you need for cycle tracking, the new Lady-Comp is also perfect for addressing the topic of family planning, just as our customers have been used to for years with their Bady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby fertility computers.

The user interface has been completely revised and is now even faster and more intuitive to use. Getting started with cycle tracking and natural family planning is also greatly simplified with the new Lady-Comp. The fertility tracker has a quick-start guide so that you understand the Lady-Comp immediately, and you can start measuring the very next morning after receiving it.

Cycle analysis

  • Display of daily fertility status (fertile/infertile)
  • Measured value and cycle day
  • Ovulation forecast
  • Fertility retrospective for 360 days
  • Fertility forecast for 6 days
  • Fertility curve over the last months
  • 6 months menstruation forecast
  • Average cycle length
  • Temperature increase / average temperature step
  • Average length of high temperature phase
  • Average ovulation fluctuation
  • Number of monophasic cycles
  • CLI (CLI=corpus luteum insufficiency)
  • Forecast hits for 20 cycles
  • Documentation of intercourse
  • Indicates possible pregnancy approx. 15 days post ovulation
  • Indicates probable pregnancy approx. 18 days post ovulation
  • Calculated conception date and predicted birth date
  • Alarm
  • Data transfer via USB cable for reading out & saving your data on the PC

Personal inputs

  • Alarm
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Weight
  • Display in °F or °C

Technical data

  • Size: 9 cm / 3,5 inch in diam.
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Battery: 2 x AAA


Lady-Comp is very easy to use. Simply measure your basal body temperature under your tongue for around 60 seconds every morning after waking up, and the fertility tracker will show you immediately which phase of the cycle you are in and whether you are currently fertile.

Included in delivery:


Sensor cable (170mm)

2 AAA Batteries (already in place)

Micro USB cable (250mm)

Instructions for use

Quick Guide


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