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Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice 500ml

Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice is a fresh tasting liquid supplement containing the legendary properties of the freshly cut 'inner gel' of Aloe Barbadensis. Often referred to by scientists as 'the medicine plant', aloe vera has been used for centuries in natural healthcare.
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Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice 500ml
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Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera is a digestive tonic that is soothing to the lining of the stomach and intestines and supports smooth and natural digestion. It will help maintain healthy intestinal bacteria, assists in healthy functioning of the digestive tract and supports the immune system.

20-80ml daily (best taken on an empty stomach).

Each ml contains:
Aloe barbadensis inner gel juice 997mg

If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.
Always read the label and use only as directed.

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