Lifestream Nature's Multi Advanced 120 Capsules

A high performance all natural alternative for health conscious people who want to give their body a complete blend of highly concentrated food designed for maximum absorption.
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Lifestream Nature's Multi Advanced 120 Capsules
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Many people fail to meet dietary recommendations for many reasons, including strict dieting, poor appetite, changing nutritional needs, or less-than-healthy food choices. Taking Lifestream Nature’s Multi Advanced is an easy way to fill in nutritional gaps.

Mental & physical stress, a highly processed diet, tobacco & medical drugs may deplete magnesium stores therefore limiting the body to function at its best. 

This advanced superfood formula is 100% natural, vegetarian, and free from artificial additives and fillers to support:

Immune protection

Long lasting energy

Bone and muscle health

Stress and sleep

Cellular strength and protection

Adults:  2 capsules daily

Children under 12 years: 1 capsule daily

Spirulina, Marine Magnesium, Calcium (Lithothamnium calcareum), Quinoa sprout, Acerola (Malpighia glabra), Selenium yeast

Quantity per 2 cap serve:

Vitamin B1 218.2mcg

Vitamin B2 282.6mcg

Vitamin B3 3.2mg

Vitamin B5 1.2mg

Vitamin B6 278.5mcg 

Vitamin B12 0.5mcg

Betacarotene 269.5mcg

Biotin 9.9mg

Boron 39.6mcg

Vitamin C 9.4mg

Calcium 67.6mg

Carotenoids (mixed) 583.7mcg

Chlorophyll 1.7mg

Chromium 1.3mcg

Copper 5.5mcg

Folic Acid 41.1mcg

GLA 1.8mg

Iodine 5.0mcg

Iron 516.8mcg

Vitamin K 1.7mg

Magnesium 76.2mg

Manganese 115.9mcg

Phosphorus 2.8mg

Phycocyanin 25.6mg

Potassium 6.0mg

Selenium 66.4mcg

Silica 14.9mcg

Xanthophylls 315.7mcg

Zeaxanthin 155.5mcg

Zinc 15.3mcg

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