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Mi Baby - Baby & Toddler Scale


*Monitor your child’s growth, development and milestones on your PC *Track weight, height, BMI, dental record, milestones and photo gallery, develops with your child *USB output to PC software
$252.99 NZD
Mi Baby - Baby & Toddler Scale
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*PC software and height chart to track your baby’s growth and development
*Weight, height, Body Mass Index, dental record and milestones, plus photo gallery
*Percentile growth charts
*Can be used with baby cradle, toddler handle or just platform - develops with your child
*Tracks growth and development of up to 4 children
*10g increments for precise weight management
*Easy to read display
*Transfer your child’s weight reading to your PC via USB and track development using MiBaby software...

Minimum of 10g to Maximum of 25kg
Minimum of 1/2oz to Maximum of 4st
Mininum of 1/2oz to Maximum of 55lb

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