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Nuk Extra Soft Baby Brush

For the daily hair care of newborns and babies

Brush with extra-soft, 100% goat’s hair bristles

So soft and natural

Available in different colours
$9.99 NZD $8.50 NZD
Nuk Extra Soft Baby Brush
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NUK extra soft Baby Brush, for babies’ gentle hair care, 100% goat’s hair

The extra-soft baby brush from NUK has bristles made 100% from goat’s hair and is particularly suitable for newborns. Being a natural product and exceptionally soft, it turns brushing and a scalp massage into a little wellness experience for your baby. You can use the brush for the daily care of a sensitive, little scalp. The shape of the handle is easy to grasp and hold securely. The brush is available in the delicate colours of pink and light blue.

A baby’s scalp is still sensitive in the first months of life, so a special baby brush and comb should be used for its care. Even if you cannot speak of a magnificent head of hair yet, the little ones can still enjoy a scalp massage with a soft brush and can also get used to the daily care routine.

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