Nuk Food Masher & Bowl Set

For easy preparation of small portions Bowl has inner ridges to ensure easy mashing Non slip base Suitable for microwave and dishwasher Freshly prepared babyfood on the go or at home Assorted colours (three colours) Bisphenol A (BPA) free
$18.99 NZD $18.99 NZD
Nuk Food Masher & Bowl Set
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The NUK Masher & Bowl set consists of a bowl with non-slip handles and a masher you can use for easy mashing of boiled vegetables or soft fruit. The fine ribs on the inside of the bowl make the job particularly easy! The non-slip bottom keeps the bowl in place – so that no valuable ingredients are lost. 
The set is also ideal for preparing baby food when you are out and about, or sharing a meal with baby at a restaurant. The Masher & Bowl set is available in basic white with modern colour accents in teal, purple or lime.

Use as directed 

1 x Bowl and Masher

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