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Nuk Fresh Foods Freezer Tray

For keeping and freezing baby food

9 x 60ml, ideal portion sizes for babies and toddlers

Portions can be removed individually

Flexible, soft silicone shape
$21.99 NZD $18.50 NZD
Nuk Fresh Foods Freezer Tray
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The NUK Fresh Foods Freezer Tray: a practical, modern aid for the family kitchen.

NUK Fresh Foods products make preparing, dividing up and keeping homemade meals in children-sized portions quick and easy!  The thought-through aids for the family kitchen are ideal for parents who, after breastfeeding is over, want to offer their children as fresh and varied food as possible. All Fresh Foods products are manufactured from high-quality, 0% BPA synthetic materials.

The NUK Fresh Foods Freezer Tray is an innovative shape for freezing freshly-prepared baby foods: it is divided into nine little cubes, each a 60ml portion. Simply fill the cubes with puree, close with the lid and put in the freezer. Thanks to their flexible, soft silicone shape, the portions can be removed individually as required and warmed up when it is time for the next healthy meal!

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