Nuk Silicone Sleeve for Glass Bottles

* Fits NUK First Choice Glass Bottles 240ml * Ideal protection against scratches, hairline cracks and splinters thanks to soft and flexible material (silicone) * Anti-slip resistant for a secure grip * With an extra window to check contents of the bottle * Two colours available: transparent blue and rose

* Please specify colour choice when ordering
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Nuk Silicone Sleeve for Glass Bottles
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The NUK Silicone Cover for glass bottles wraps around the bottle like a second skin and protects the glass from scratches, hairline cracks and splinters. At the same time it makes the bottle slip-resistant and safe to handle. Therefore, glass bottles are now ideally equipped for use in turbulent everyday family life!

Thanks to the flexible silicone material and a wide opening collar, the silicone cover is very easy to use: parents simply place the glass bottle inside the cover and fix it with the button.

In addition to all the practical advantages, the accessory gives the bottle an attractive look - in transparent rose or blue. And thanks to the content display, it is clear at all times whether or not the bottle is sufficiently filled to quench the baby’s thirst.

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1 x Nuk Silicone Sleeve for Glass Bottles

Available in pink or blue

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