Redd Remedies SinuZyme 40s

Sinus pain and pressure can make you feel like a storm is brewing inside your head. It can make you feel “out of focus” with your day-to-day life. SinuZyme™ is powerful support for clear, healthy sinuses. Designed to open and clear the sinus passageways, SinuZyme™ helps to tackle severe sinus congestion and support the immune systems while addressing its underlying causes.

Located in the cheekbones within the low-center of the forehead, the sinuses are lined with soft tissue called mucosa. When the tissue lining becomes irritated, you may experience congestion that can be quite painful and disruptive to your daily life. Using herbs and adaptogens, SinuZyme™ helps to balance the immune system function supporting detoxification to prevent severe sinus congestion.
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Redd Remedies SinuZyme 40s
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SinuZyme™ is a powerful solution for addressing significant sinus issues. SinuZyme™ has four key functions:

  • supports the immune system*
  • promotes normal sinus drainage*
  • supports the lymphatic system*
  • promotes the body’s natural detoxification process*

Unlike over the counter medicines that can leave you feeling drowsy and disconnected, SinuZyme™ is all natural, non-drowsy and stimulant free. SinuZyme™ is meant for short-term support when your sinuses are flaring up. If your sinus mucus is thick and colored, use SinuZyme. If the mucus is thick and runny, use Adult Sinus.
Follow up with Adult Sinus Support™ for daily support as needed.

Take as directed.

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