Weleda Sore Throat Relief 90 Tablets

Soothing relief for acute and inflamed sore throats. Take with Weleda Echinacea/Thuja Comp. Active Strength Immune Support to support recovery. Gargle with Weleda Ratanhia Mouthwash to freshen the mouth.
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Weleda Sore Throat Relief 90 Tablets
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Let 1 tablet (child under 14 years) or 2 tablets (14 years to adult) dissolve in the mouth every two hours. As symptoms improve reduce dosage to 3 times daily. Or as directed by your health care professional.

If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.

Keep all medicines out of reach of children.
Store below 30°C, away from direct sunlight and strong smelling substances.

1 tablet contains: Cinnabar 6x, 250mg (Mercurius sulfuratus ruber naturale 6x) in lactose base. Contains wheat starch.

Free from synthetic preservatives.

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