Aci Jel With Measured Dose Applicator 100g

Restores & maintains the natural pH balance of the vagina.
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Aci Jel With Measured Dose Applicator 100g
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Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly restores the correct acidity in the vagina and helps to maintain a normal, healthy environment that makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to colonize.

Aci-Jel helps to restore your vaginal pH to a natural balance. An uncomfortable condition caused by imbalanced pH known as bacterial vaginosis, characterised by vaginal odour and a watery, grey discharge may be prevented and treated with Aci-Jel.

Use one applicator full (5g) intravaginally twice daily or as directed by your doctor.

Active Ingredients
Contains per 5g: glacial acetic acid 47mg, hydroxyquinolone sulphate 1.25mg, ricinoleic acid 37.5mg, and propyl hydroxybenzoate 2.5mg as preservative.

Aci-Jel Vaginal Jelly may cause damage to diaphragms and condoms. We recommend an alternative method of contraception for 5 days after last using Aci-Jel. Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly is not be swallowed. It is possible that Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly may cause an allergic or sensitivity reaction. If such a reaction occurs do not use Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly again and flush vagina with cool water. Do NOT use Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly if you know that you have an allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Do NOT use Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly in pregnancy unless advised by your doctor. No studies have been conducted in breast-feeding women and it is not known if any of the ingredients in Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly are excreted in the breast milk. Caution is therefore to be exercised by breastfeeding women using Aci-Jel. Keep out of reach of children.

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