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Bushman Plus Insect Repellent 80% Deet with Sunscreen 75g

Bushman is an adult strength heavy duty insect repellent formulated to provide 12 hours of effective protection from biting insects with just one application.
Bushman is water resistant, resists removal caused by sweating, rubbing or rain.
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Bushman Plus Insect Repellent 80% Deet with Sunscreen 75g
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  • Water resistant.
  • Built in sunscreen.
  • Repels for up to 12 hours in areas of intense insect activity.
  • Protects against sandflies, mosquitoes, ticks, leeches, marchflies.

Apply a small amount to the palm of one hand, rub both hands together then rub thinly and evenly over the skin. Repeat the process until all exposed skin is covered. For clothing apply around openings and where clothing fits tightly against the body.

Diethyltoluamide 800g/kg

May be dangerous, particularly to children, if you use large amounts on the skin, clothes or bedding or on large areas of the body, especially if you keep using it for a long time.

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