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Clinicians VirActive Complete 60 capsules 20% extra free

Clinicians VirActive Complete provides the important nutrients, namely Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc, known to support the immune response that may aid recovery from winter ills and chills. It can also be used before winter to increase improtant antioxidant vitamins and minerals required for effective immune function.
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Clinicians VirActive Complete 60 capsules 20% extra free
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VirActive Complete Benefits

  • Helps reduce the duration and intensity of winter ills and chills
  • Powerful research based combination that provides essential antioxidant nutrients known to become depleted when the immune system is challenged
  • Provides the building block for the immune system
  • The Vitamins and minerals work synergistically together for best results
  • One capsule provides the maximum RDI of Vitamin A, Zinc and Selenium
  • VirActive Complete Features
  • Can be used for acute or chronic situations
  • Can be used alongside conventional medicine
  • No reduction in response to ingredients over time
  • Clinicians VirActive Complete provides the important antioxidant Vitamins and minerals known to support the immune response and may aid recovery from winter ills and chills. For additional support you may consider using the following Clinicians products alongside Clinicians VirActive Complete: Hi-Dose Vit C or Super Family C , Del- Immune V, Xylitol Nasal Spray, Vitamin B12 Oral Drops or MultiVitamin and Mineral Boost.
  • Our response to winter ills and chills is largely determined on how well our immune system can cope. Deficiencies in certain antioxidant Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, selenium and zinc can weaken our immune defenses. At such times, we rely on the body’s immune response to isolate and remove the cause. It is therefore important to naturally target the immune defenses to provide as much support as possible.

Recommended Dosage:

  • Adult: 1 capsule daily or as directed.

Active Ingredients in each gelatine capsule:
Retinol acetate (equiv. Vitamin A 10000IU[3000mcg])
Calcium ascorbate (equiv. Vitamin C 250mg)
L-selenomethionine (equiv. selenium 83mcg)
Zinc amino acid chelate (equiv. Zinc 15mg)

Also contains: calcium lactate, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and tapioca powder. Calcium content (from calcium lactate and ascorbate) 41mg per capsule.
No added: gluten, dairy, yeast, artificial colours & sweeteners, flavours or preservatives.

Clinicians VirActive Complete contains Vitamin A, if you are taking prescription Vitamin A derivatives (isotretinoin) or you have poor liver function or chronic liver disease (cirrhosis or hepatitis) do not take Vitamin A supplements without consulting your health professional.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: This product contains Vitamin A. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, do not take Vitamin A supplements without consulting your health professional. Do not consume more than 10,000 IU (3000 IU) of Vitamin A per day during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Clinicians products support rather than compete with modern medicines. As medicines can deplete nutrients in the body, it was important to develop nutritional products that replenish the nutrients lost. Clinicians products, if taken on a regular basis, can also reduce the dependency on modern medicines.
Back in 1997, two pharmacists - Mike Cushman and Denis Kay - came to realise that the current pharmaceutical model was limited. Simply put, it couldn’t provide the total answer to delivering wellness for their customers. Mike and Denis researched general and specific conditions to understand key drivers that triggered the imbalances that caused specific conditions. Along with this they researched the impact of modern medicines on body processes and their contribution to these imbalances.
And the result? The Clinicians product range of nutritional support. The product range developed includes not only general vitamin and mineral supplements, but also products for specific conditions and now a Works With Medicine range.

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