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HCH Cramp Stop 25ml

Cramp Stop may help restore normal muscle function in an acute situation brought on by physical activity.
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HCH Cramp Stop 25ml
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Cramp-Stop is an anti cramp formulation designed to restore normal muscle function during an acute muscle spasm, and in some situations may help prevent the onset of cramp.

Cramp-Stop is New Zealand’s leading product for the treatment of cramp. Cramp-Stop is widely used both in New Zealand and internationally during professional and amateur sports of all kinds. Many of New Zealand’s top rugby players and multi-sports athletes use Cramp-Stop.

At night, during pregnancy or during exercise use as directed when symptoms occur.

At the onset of symptoms spray once into the mouth and repeat in 30-60 seconds if immediate relief is not felt. In a situation where you know you are likely to cramp take a dose as close to the onset of symptoms as possible. Repeat as often as required.

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