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Xerostom Mouth Spray 6.25ml

XEROSTOM is especially formulated for people suffering from dry mouth or xerostomia, and is alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate and sugar-free.
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Xerostom Mouth Spray 6.25ml
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XEROSTOM cleans and relieves dryness, lubricating and replenishing moisture in the mouth. It soothes the tissues while cleaning and protects the mouth from cavities and bacterial plaque. XEROSTOM Mouth Spray is pocket-sized so it can be used conveniently at any time, day or night.

Shake well before use. Spray directly into the mouth (1-2 pushes) to relieve dryness. Repeat as necessary.

Olive oil – helps protect against infections. Xylitol – prevents plaque forming & sticking to teeth. Betaine – lubricates & restores the moisture balance in the mouth. Fluoride & Calcium – for protection. Allantoin – promotes healing & regeneration of soft tissue. Vitamin B5 – aids the healing of damaged tissues. Vitamin E – as an antioxidant. Potassium – protects enamel.

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