KF94 Face Mask 4 ply mask - Blue World


Ten (10) individually packaged KF94 masks

This is the South Korean equivalent to the N95 mask. It combines elements of an N95 mask with those of a cloth mask, contouring close to the face with an adjustable band around the bridge of the nose.

$50.00 NZD
KF94 Face Mask 4 ply mask - Blue World
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KF94 stands for Korean filter and the 94 indicates a 94 percent filtration efficacy, providing protection for you and your family. 

Adult standard size
More breathing space for health and active activities

KF94 = 94% filtration efficacy 
KN95 = 95% filtration efficacy 

The tent like 3D shape creates a little pocket of around 30% extra space between your mouth and the mask making it EASY TO BREATHE.

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