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Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin Tabs 60

Supporting strong nails, and healthy hair and skin
Essential nutrients to support strong nails, & healthy hair & skin. Specially formulated with a high dose of biotin for extra support of fingernails that are prone to splitting, breaking or chipping.
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Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin Tabs 60
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*Specially formulated to provide a range of nutrients that contribute to the health of nails, hair and skin
*Extra nutritional support for nails that are prone to splitting, breaking or chipping
*Supports wound healing and helps maintain healthy, supple, elastic skin

Skin, hair and nails all contain structural proteins called keratins and consequently all have similar nutritional requirements. For optimal condition, these keratinised structures need an adequate dietary intake of protein, essential fatty acids, and key vitamins and minerals.
Blackmores Nails Hair & Skin has been specially formulated to provide nutrients that support the health and structural integrity of the nails, hair and skin.
Biotin is an essential vitamin for the structure of the skin, hair and nails. If body levels of biotin are inadequate, the nails may become soft and brittle and prone to breaking and splitting easily.
Horsetail is a plant source of the mineral silica, which is concentrated in all connective tissue including the nails, hair and skin, where it contributes to the formation of collagen.
Vitamin C and zinc are also required for the manufacture of collagen, and play an important role in the body’s wound healing processes, and in maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

Adults - Take 1 tablet twice a day with meals, or as professionally prescribed.
Children under 12 years - Only as professionally prescribed.

Silica colloidal anhydrous 18 mg
Silicon dioxide (Total silica equiv. 25 mg) 7 mg
Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) extract equiv. to dry stem 466 mg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 30 mg
Folic acid 150 mcg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid from calcium
pantothenate 21.8 mg) 20 mg
Ferrous fumarate (Iron 3 mg) 9.5 mg
Zinc amino acid chelate (Zinc 7.5 mg) 37.5 mg
Manganese amino acid chelate (Manganese 1 mg) 10 mg
Biotin 1.3 mg
Beta-carotene 1 mg

*Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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