HCH Anti Jet-Lag Spray 25ml

* Use on long haul flights * Great for children * Maximize your time on holiday or business
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HCH Anti Jet-Lag Spray 25ml
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Help Your Body Combat the Effect of Long Distance Flying

ANTI JET-LAG can help clear the head and restore your body clock after a long flight. Make the most of your holiday, business or sporting trip by using ANTI JET-LAG regularly throughout your flight. To further aid the recovery process keep ANTI JET-LAG with you to use if you feel tired over the next couple of days. Used alternately with REVIVE, ANTI JET-LAG is excellent for keeping in your brief case for business meetings after you land.

Suitable for Children of all ages.

Take one dose under the tongue every two or three hours during the flight. Repeat as required during the 2-3 days after your journey.

Non-Drug Formulations

Each formula is made up of natural homeopathic substances that work on the targeted symptoms when they are present in the body. HCH Formulas will not interact with any other medication and can be used during pregnancy. There are no known side effects and can not create chemical dependency.

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