HCH Endurance Spray 25ml

Naturally maximizes your performance, increases your endurance, and speed up your recovery during periods of physical activity
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HCH Endurance Spray 25ml
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Endurance is formulated to naturally maximize your performance, increase your endurance, and speed up your recovery during periods of physical activity. Simply take Endurance at regular intervals during exercise, to help limit Lactic Acid build up, minimize muscle fatigue, prevent cramp, pain and stiffness. Ideal for high performance athletes, trampers, gardeners,walkers, cyclists, golfers, hunters, and anyone embarking on sustained periods of exercise, the formula stimulates muscle repair, promoting faster recovery of energy levels. Endurance can also be used during childbirth to reduce soft tissue trauma, relieve anxiety and speed up recovery.

Endurance should be taken regularly throughout any activity to prevent cramp and fatigue. For intense exertion repeat more frequently. For longer events which are more endurance than aerobic, take one spray every hour. For activities such as hiking or backpacking, one dose every 2-3 hours is sufficient.

Non-Drug Formulations

Each formula is made up of natural homeopathic substances that work on the targeted symptoms when they are present in the body. HCH Formulas will not interact with any other medication and can be used during pregnancy. There are no known side effects and can not create chemical dependency.

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