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Home Essentials Calamine Lotion BP 200ml

Who doesn’t remember being coated in Calamine lotion as a child? A favourite with mums for generations, Calamine Lotion is still a staple of the home first aid kit today.
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Home Essentials Calamine Lotion BP 200ml
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Uses & Tips

Soothe and calm itchy irritated skin conditions - Traditionally used to support chicken pox and rashes.

Soothe minor scalds, burns and sunburn - Calamine has a cooling effect, whilst also helping soothe redness and itching.

Mild antiseptic

Astringent to dry weeping or oozing blisters and pimples - Calamine lotion applied on skin blemishes (best before you go to bed), can help soothe inflamed skin. It may also assist in treating blackheads.

Sensitive skin - Calamine Lotion may soothe affected skin.

Use as directed

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