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Xerostom Mouthwash 250ml

Improves the quality of life associated associated with dry mouth (xersostomia) Increases unstimulated salivary flow up to 200% Relieves the discomfort associated with Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) Improves mouth and throat dryness. Helps prevent mouth ulcers. Mitigates thirst caused by lack of saliva.
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Xerostom Mouthwash 250ml
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XEROSTOM products have been formulated to avoid irritation. It does not include Sodium lauryl Sulphate (detergent), alcohol, sugar or any other sustances likey to cause irritation. It is formulated at a neutral pH to care about enamel. Its mild lemon aroma gives a nice flavor and stimulates the saliva glands. It includes olive oil to protect against bacteria, so that you feel a cleaner sensation in your mouth and a long lasting fresh breath. It includes Xylitol and fluoride to protect against tooth decay. It includes betaine to improve water adhesion to the tissues. It also includes vitamin E and B5.

Shake well before use. Rinse (without diluting) for one minute at least three times a day. Ensure that mouthwash reaches all areas of dehydration.

Olive oil Xylitol and fluoride Betaine Vitamin E and B5

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