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Holdtite Denture Adhesive Cream Extra Strength 58g

Holds tight for all day confidence.

Holdtite holds dentures firmly in place and helps prevent irritation and chafing.
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Holdtite Denture Adhesive Cream Extra Strength 58g
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The improved formula helps seal out food and will hold dentures comfortably in place for confidence that lasts throughout the day.

Holdtite provides a smooth soft, cushioning layer that holds denture firmly and comfortably in your mouth.
Holdtite also contains a special breath freshener for fresh breath.

Clean dentures thoroughly and use on wet or dery dentures.

Uppers: Squeeze short strips of cream along the frooves and down the centre line.

Lowers: Squeeze one or more thin strips in the centre of the groove. Do not apply near the edges.

Press the dentures firmly in position and hold for a few minutes.

Active Ingredients
Calcium/sodium PVM/MA copolymer,Cellulose gum, petrolatum, mint flavour, silica.

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