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Home Essentials Glycerol BP 100% 100ml

Glycerol can thin a gluggy nail polish, help remove stubborn stains from clothing and moisturise the skin.
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Home Essentials Glycerol BP 100% 100ml
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Uses & Tips

Stain remover - Sponge stain and leave for 3-4 hours then wash as normal.

Skin moisturiser - Apply diluted with an equal amount of water.

Cosmetics - Add a few drops to nail polish or mascara to help thin product that has gone gluggy.

Cut flowers - Add a couple of teaspoons to the water to prolong flower life.

Defrosting - After defrosting your freezer wipe it with Home Essentials Glycerol, next time you defrost the ice will slip off in sheets.

Fridge cleaning - Wipe the inside of your cleaned fridge with Home Essentials Glycerol, to help make spills easier to wipe off next time.

Use as directed

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