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Home Essentials Isopropyl Alcohol 50ml

Useful around the home for cleaning and sterilising and a convenient addition to your make-up bag to sterilise make-up tools, earrings and newly pierced ears.
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Home Essentials Isopropyl Alcohol 50ml
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Uses & Tips

Cleans electronic items. Helps remove smudges fingerprints and dirt.
If in doubt, check with manufacturer prior to use as equipment may have been specifically coated.

Steriliser - Sterilise grooming tools such as tweezers, nail scissors, combs, make-up tools. Wipe over with cotton pad dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Pierced Ears - Use to sterilise clean earrings and care for newly pierced ears. Wipe around pierced hole with a cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

Remove sticky residue - from mirrors or glass. Also effective for removing residual glue from some sticky labels.

Permanent marker - May help remove ink from surfaces.

Stain removal - Spot test on obscured area of item first.

Use as directed

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