MoliCare Mobile Pants Large 14 pack

MoliCare Mobile is an inconspicuous, highly absorbent incontinence pant offering the highest level of leakage protection specially designed for severe incontinence.

MoliCare Mobile pull-up pants look and feel like normal underwear, but offer the highest level of leakage protection.

100-150cm. Total absorbency 1,700ml/pant
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MoliCare Mobile Pants Large 14 pack
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MoliCare Mobile can be pulled on and off just like normal underpants. Tear open side seams allows for easy changing if required.

The super absorbent core, reinforced in the crotch area, has a high absorption capacity holding fluid safely inside.

Suitable for all degrees of urinary and faecal incontinence The Dry-Plus non-woven layer guides liquid quickly into the absorbent core and prevents rewetting of the skin and covers the entire surface helping to protect the skin and to keep it drier.

Soft, water repellent anti-leak cuffs provide additional leakage protection at the sides and ensures a snug fit all round.

The soft, textile backing is impermeable and thus protects bedding and clothing reliably.

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14 pack

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