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Fess Frequent Flyer Nasal Spray 30ml

Help stimulate your body’s natural shield by using FESS Frequent Flyer before boarding the plane, during the flight and at your final destination.

FESS Frequent Flyer helps relieve nasal and sinus congestion due to low humidity, dry environments such as on planes or in air-conditioned environments. The solutions keeps your nasal passages moist and helps wash away bacteria pollutants.
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Fess Frequent Flyer Nasal Spray 30ml
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  • Added moisturisers and Tea Tree Oil
  • Helps guard again airborne bacteria
  • Washes away pollutants
  • Moisturises nasal passages
  • Non-medicated

Adults: 2-3 sprays in each nostril prior to boarding the flight and every 2 hours during the flight and at your final destination.
Children: Use Childrens FESS
Babies: Use FESS little Noses

Active Ingredients:
Sodium Chloride 9mg/ml
Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil as fragrance
Vitamin E
Castor Oil
Glycerin and Spearmint Oil and Xylitol
Preservative: Benzalkonium Chloride.
pH buffered alkaline solution.

Warning The bottle should only be used by one person. Sharing the dispenser may spread infection. If congestion persists please consult your doctor.

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