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Fess Saline Nasal Spray 30ml

FESS Nasal Spray is a non-medicated, PH buffered, isotonic saline solution that provides relief for mild to moderate nasal congestion due to colds, allergies, rhinitis and sinusitis.
The key aim when treating nasal congestion is not to dry the mucus, but to make it thinner, less sticky, and easier to move.
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Fess Saline Nasal Spray 30ml
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FESS Nasal Spray helps you breathe easier by thinning nasal mucus and moisturising dry nasal passages . The alkaline pH of Fess causes mucus to break down fast. By clearing the nasal passages of excess mucus, FESS Nasal Spray promotes mucociliary flow.

In addition to clearing nasal congestion, FESS Nasal Spray washes away allergens such as pollens, dust and animal fur.

FESS Nasal Spray is suitable for children and adults and being non-medicated it is also suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

FESS Nasal Spray can be used as often as necessary

Adults: Up to 8 sprays per nostril as needed
1. Depress the pump firmly to activate the spray.
2) Insert the nozzle into the nostril and make sure that the tip is angled slightly backwards
3) Once the required dose has been inserted into each nostril, then tilt the head to the right for 10 seconds
4)Then tilt the head left for 10 seconds
5)Then pinch the nostrils closed and sit head forward for 10 seconds.

Active Ingredients:
Sodium Chloride 7.040mg/ml

Warning The bottle should only be used by one person. Sharing the dispenser may spread infection. If congestion persists please consult your doctor.

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