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USL First Aid Refill Level 2

A Refill Kit designed to top up your first aid kit with the most common products used in first aid.
$35.99 NZD $29.99 NZD
USL First Aid Refill Level 2
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Contents: 1 x zip lock bag 1 x packet of dermaplast plasters 40 1 x dermaplast dressing strip 6x1cm 2 x wound cleansing wipes 1 x triangular bandage 2 x latex gloves 2 x wound pad 5x7.5cm 2 x wound pad 10x7.5cm 1 x pack of gauze swabs 7.5x7.5cm (2) 2 x 20ml saline solution 1 x island dressing 6x10x1cm 1 x island dressing 5x7.2x2cm 1 x crepe bandage 7.5x1cm 1 x 5cm conforming bandage 1 x pack of splinter probes (5) 1 x pack of safety pins (12) 1 x combine dressing 10x10cm 1 x paper tape 25mm 1 x wound dressing bpc no 14 1 x tissue hanky pack (10)

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