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Wartie Wart Remover 18 Treatments

Wartie Wart & Verruca Remover has been developed to provide the ideal combination of performance, precision, and ease of use
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Wartie Wart Remover 18 Treatments
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1. Fast

Wartie has been designed to be easy to use. Wartie is ready to use right out of the package and does not require assembly of small pieces. This easy handling has made Wartie almost twice as fast in use as some other over-the-counter brands.


INT_Wortie_How to use


2. Safe

Wartie precisely freezes the wart by applying thecold via a metal tip. The dome shape of the metal tip allows precise sizeable application of the cold to the wart. Other over-the-counter products do not allow this and may even damage the surrounding skin due to the direct contact of the gas and the skin caused by a one-size-fits-all application.





3. Effective

Ex vivo laboratory testing has shown that Wartie has a superior freezing profile to other products which are available over-the-counter. Its freezing profile is comparable to products used by professionals to remove warts.




Remove the cap and follow the steps below:

INT_Wortie_How to use

When you apply the cooled Wartie tip on warts or verrucas, a slight aching sensation may occur as a result of the freezing process. This is normal and should disappear within a couple of hours.

Always twist the activation lock back to zero and replace the cap after each application.


In some cases, it may help to soak the wart in warm water for a few minutes before using Wartie, in order to help callused skin that has formed on top of it, penetrate.

Dimethyl Ether (DME), a gas which, when released, cools the metal tip of Wartie. 

Wartie Wart & Verruca remover is safe for children aged 4+

Because Wartie delivers the cold through a precision metal tip, the freezing power can be controlled by the amount of pressure exerted on the can during application: More pressure means that a greater part of the metal tip touches the skin, resulting in a larger freezing area. With light pressure, the contact is minimized, thereby being able to treat smaller warts and verrucas with the same precision, comfort and safety.

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