Carnation Corn Caps 5 Medicated Plasters

Clinically proven to remove corns
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Carnation Corn Caps 5 Medicated Plasters
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Carnation Corn Caps contain a unique Salicilyc Acid paste that penetrates and helps remove hard corns while the felt ring relieves pressure.

Salicylic Acid loosens the intracellular cement holding hardened skin together allowing it to flake away, softening and loosening the nucleus to allow clean removal
Self-adhesive straps make Carnation Corn Caps easy to apply and hold firmly in place
A ten day treatment course is usually fully effective

For better adhesion clean and dry the feet.
Remove a corn cap from the backing paper and position the felt ring over the corn.
Firmly apply in position with adhesive straps, When properly applied it should not slip or move.
Change the corn cap every two days until the corn is easily removed. A maximum of five corn caps should be used per corn.

Each medicated corn cap contains Active Ingredients 40% Salicylic Acid.

Also contains Peanut Oil, Yellow Beeswax, partially Hydrogenated wood Rosin, Vegetable Triglyceride, E124 Ponceau 4R, E110 Sunset Yellow.

Do not use if you are allergic to peanut oil or soya. Do not use if you are diabetic, if skin close to the corn is inflamed or broken, if you are using any other medicated product to treat your corn, to treat more than 3 corns at a time, for any purpose than the removal of hard corns, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients and after the expiry date. Seek medical advice before use if you have a circulatory disorder, if using on children under 15, and if you are pregnant.

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