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SleepDrops Balance Pack - Sleepdrops and Daytime Revive Drops

Support you during day and night Re-balance your body's natural sleeping patterns No drowsy after effects Liquid and easy to take Containing all natural ingredients Support by our full team of naturopathic sleep specialists

SleepDrops for Adults 30ml – For support to switch off an overactive mind and fall asleep faster Daytime Revive 30ml – To soothe frazzled nerves, stress hormones and support healthy energy levels during the daytime.

$79.80 NZD $39.90 NZD
SleepDrops Balance Pack - Sleepdrops and Daytime Revive Drops
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If a busy mind is keeping you awake at night and stopping you from dropping off into blissful sleep and causing you to struggle through your days -with issues around  hunger, food cravings, mood, energy, focus, concentration, lack of  joy…. , this is the combination of products for you. By supporting your body day and night the two products will work in synergy to get you even better outcomes.


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How Long Will It Last?

The Balance Pack is designed to last 1 month and support you to re-balance your body’s natural sleeping patterns and how you feel during the day. This is the minimum time you need to give your body the chance to remember how to sleep correctly and manage day time cellular requirements – hunger, food cravings, mood, energy, focus, concentration, joy….

People sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients should avoid this product.  If you are concerned about this possibility please follow the advice of your medical practitioner.

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